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CO2 to chemicals

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Operational / ongoing

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Erin Schols

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+31 8 88662894


CYCLICCO2R : Production of Cyclic Carbonates from CO2 using Renewable Feedstocks.

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The concept of CyclicCO2R is to create a process that removes the dependency on fossil fuel and increases the energy efficiency to create a net CO2 uptake in the production of cyclic carbonates. This objective will be reached by basing the process on the use of renewables and CO2 in the production of cyclic carbonates. Two routes will be explored: 1) production of glycerol carbonate methacrylate from epichlorohydrin and CO2 and 2) production of propylene carbonate from propylene oxide and propylene glycol with CO2 The focus will be on: 1) Development of the optimal catalyst-process combination both in activity, catalyst recoverability and optimal immobilization technique; 2) Intensification of the reactions in a flow reactor focusing on energy efficiency and increased product yields; 3) Creating a miniplant scale process which starts with the renewable raw materials and CO2 and produces cyclic carbonates; 4) Completion of designs and engineering of a scaled-up process integrated with a chemicals plant so that the developed technology is directly transferrable to industry; Furthermore the feasibility of using CO2 in combination with water to produce intermediates of the cyclic carbonate production directly will be evaluated (currently photocatalytic and electrocatalytic processes with a high selectivity, but a low yield). If this is possible, in the future, the production of cyclic carbonates from CO2, water and energy (available at the same location) will become possible. It will increase the CO2 utilisation in the production of cyclic carbonates. Led by Netherlands Organization for Applied scientific Research TNO Collaborators: STIFTELSEN SINTEF, CRI EHF, FEYECON DEVELOPMENT & IMPLEMENTATION BV, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, RHEINISCH-WESTFAELISCHE TECHNISCHE HOCHSCHULE AACHEN, UNIVERSITEIT TWENTE, EVONIK INDUSTRIES AG , UNIVERSITY OF YORK, EVONIK CREAVIS GMBH


Schoemakerstraat, 2628 Delft, Netherlands