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EU Calls

Name Keywords Type of activities Amount provided Total budget
LCE-21-2017: Market uptake of renewable energy technologies

Sustainable Fuels; Market roll-out; Liquid advanced biofuels; Liquid renewable; Standard and certification scheme; Building scenario

Coordination and Support Action

3 Million euros
LCE-08-2017: Development of next generation biofuel technologies

Biofuels; CO2 in industrial waste; Flue gases; Biochemical conversion; Autotrophic; Chemo and photo –autotrophic; Micro-organisms

Research and Innovation action

6 Million euros
H2020 -FTIPilot 01-2016

Market uptake; Commercialisation; Demonstration; Piloting; Testing; Validation; Business model; Sustainable Innovative Solution

Innovation action (IA)

3 Million euros 100 Million euros

Novel research; Emerging technologies; Flagship topics


5 Million euros
SC5-07-2017: Coordinating and supporting research and innovation actions on the decarbonisation of the EU economy

Green economy; Decarbonisation; Low Carbon Technologies; EU policies

Coordination and support action (CSA)

3 Million euros 4.6 Million euros
BIOTEC 05-2017: Microbial platforms for CO2 reuse processes in the low carbon economy

Sustinable feedstocks; CO2 economy; Biocatalysis; Public perception and acceptance; By-product

Research and Innovation action (RIA)

7 Million euros 48 Million euros
NMBP-20-2017: High-performance materials for optimizing carbon dioxide capture

CCS; Carbon Capture and Storage; Low Carbon policy; High performance materials; Post-combustion; Precombustion; SET-Plan

Innovation Action (IA)

8 Million euros 32 Million euros
NMBP-19-2017 - Cost-effective materials for “power-to-chemical” technologies

Energy storage; Low carbon energy system; Hydrogen; co-electrolysis; Power to Chemical; Electrical energ; Chemicals; Methanol; Ethanol; Methane; Syngas; Storage materials; Efficient low cost photochemical water splitting reactors; New catalysts; Separation; Purification

RIA Research and Innovation action

5 Million euros 32 Million euros
SPIRE 8 - 2017 - Carbon dioxide utilisation to produce added value chemicals

Carbon dioxide utilisation; Added value chemicals

RIA; Research and Innovation Action

8 Million euros 80 Million euros