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EU and Regional Funding Mechanisms

Find out more about EU programmes, funding opportunities and their specificities on the following technical sheets. Learn about the best suited financing programme for your project proposal related to CO2 Utilisation by having a more detailed overview on the criteria of each European funding mechanisms.

Name Keywords Type of activities Amount provided Total budget
Agri-Tech Catalyst

Agri Tech Catalyst: Innovation funding in developing countries. The Agri-Tech Catalyst was set up by Innovate UK, DFID and BBSRC with £70M investment to help make the UK a world leader in agricultural technology, innovation and sustainability.

early-stage pre-industrial research feasibility studies, industrial research, and late-stage pre-experimental feasibility studies and experimental development.

Programme d'Investissements d'avenir (IA)

"The objective of this program is to enhance productivity, to innovate, to increase the competitiveness of companies, but also to promote the employment and promoting equal opportunities by promoting investment and innovation in five priority areas that generate growth and jobs:
1) Higher education and training
2) Fundamental research
3) Industrial sectors and SMEs
4) Sustainable Development, health and biotechnology
5°) Digital Economy"

Research & demonstration projects

45 Billion euros
Calls for projects from the National Research Agency (ANR)

ANR provides funding for project-based research in all fields of science – for both basic and applied research – to public research organisations and universities, as well as to private companies.

Basic and applied research

15 Thousand euros 433 Million euros

upscaling, industrialisation, pilot plants, demonstration plants, CCU, energy storage

R&D projects, joint research projects


joint research projects, R&D, bulk chemicals, polymers, electrochemistry, photochemistry, CO2-separation

R&D joint research projects

15 Million euros
Technologies for Sustainability and Climate Protection - Chemical Processes and Use of CO2

CCU, R&D, CO2 separation, energy efficiency, energy storage

Research & Development, joint research projects

100 Million euros
First Spin-off

Researcher mobility; Knowledge transfer; Technological innovation; Industrial research

Research; Training; Internship; creation of a company

First enterprise international

Researcher mobility; Knowledge transfer; Technological innovation; Industrial research

Research; Training; Internship

FIRST entreprise programme

Researcher mobility; Knowledge transfer; Technological innovation; Industrial research

Research; Training; Internship

Sustainable innovation

Innovative projects; Creative approach; Business methods, Business design; New sustainable products

Prototyping; Market uptake

15 Thousand euros
Innovation grant

Innovative projects; Creative approach; Business methods, Business design; New products or services.

Prototyping; market uptake

12.5 Thousand euros

Biotechnology; Bridging the gap; Feedstock resources; Bioprocess efficiencies; CO2 reuse;

Type of activities

H2020 - NMBP

Nanotechnologies; Advanced Materials; Advanced Manufacturing and Processing; and Biotechnology; Bridging the gap; Key Enabling Technologies

Research activities; Upscaling; Demonstration; Pilot; Networking; Knowledge transfer

The European Energy Efficiency Fund

European Energy programme; Energy efficiency; Climate change; Renewable energy; Clean urban transport

Investment aids; Creation of tools; Knowledge exchange

25 Million euros 265 Million euros
Life Climate change

GHG mitigation; Climate change; Energy; Environment

Communication activities; Technical assistance; creation of tools; Networking; Knowlegde exchange; Capacity building

884 Million euros
Climate KIC

Greenhouse gas monitoring; Sustainable city systems; Industrial symbiosis; The bio-economy; Climate change

Networking; Upscaling; Education; Training; Coaching


Low carbon energy technologies; Alternative fuels; Carbon footprint; Hydrogen production; Renewable technology

Research activities; Networking


Energy; Environment; Transport

Research activities; Investment aids

1.11 Billion euros
Life Environment

Resource efficiency; Green economy; Low carbon technologies; Environmental legislation; Circular economy

Research activities; Communication activities; Technical assistance; creation of tools – Networking; Knowlegde exchange

2.6 Billion euros
EIT Raw Material

sustainable exploration; extraction; processing; recycling; substitution; raw materials

Networking; Training; Coaching; Upscaling; Education; Business plan

2.7 Billion euros
KIC InnoEnergy

Sustainable energy; Industrial symbiosis; Business model; Smart grid; Clean coal; Renewable energy

Networking; Education; Training; Coaching; Upscaling

2.7 Billion euros

Access to market; Access to finance; Business growth; Business creation

Investment aid; production / distribution aid; Communication activities; Networking

2.3 Billion euros
Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking - FCH 2 JU

Alternative fuels; Energy; Storage solution; Hydrogen

Researh activities

1.33 Billion euros
Fast Track to Innovation Pilot

Faster market uptake; prototyping; demonstration; Pilot

Research activities; Support to production and distribution

3 Million euros 100 Million euros
SC5 - Climate action, environment, resource efficiency & raw materials

Circular economy; industrial symbiosis; waste management; air quality; Low carbon energy; sustainable raw materials; resource efficiency

Research activities; Networking; Knowledge exchange

15 Million euros 3.08 Billion euros
SC4 - Smart, green and integrated transport

Sustainable transport system; transport-related; Air pollution; Green vehicles

Research activities; Knowledge exchange; Networking

6.34 Billion euros
SC3 - Competitive Low Carbon Energy

Low carbon technology; Sustainable energy; Energy efficiency; decarbonisation

Research activities; Networking; knowledge exchange

25 Million euros 5.93 Billion euros
SME Instrument

New value chain; Innovation support; SME ecosystem

Clustering; Building capacities; business coaching; Konwledge exchange

5 Million euros 3 Billion euros

Risk finance; Co-financing; Innovation; Access to finance

Investment aids

300 Thousand euros 24 Million euros

Biobased economy; Resource-efficiency; Research & Innovation; New value chain; European process industry

Research activities; Investment aid; Knowledge exchange

10 Million euros 13.6 Billion euros
Research Infrastructure (INFRA)

Research infrastrucure access; Research infrastructure development; Cross-sectoral research

Research activities; Research infrastructure mapping; Integrating and opening national research facilities

2.49 Billion euros
Marie Sklodowska - Curie Actions

Innovation skills; cross-sector mobility; capacity building

Training and career development; Knowledge exchange; research activities; public awareness

6.16 Billion euros
Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)

Cutting-edge science; new research and innovation; early-stage research; emerging technologies; flagships

Research and Innovation; Networking; Exploratory research; New and emerging research; Coordination and Support Action

2.7 Billion euros
European Research Center (ERC)

Frontier research; Research & Innovation ; High-risk Projects ; Innovative ideas ; Researcher mobility

Research activities; Networking; Training activities

2.5 Million euros 13 Billion euros