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KIC InnoEnergy

Sustainable energy; Industrial symbiosis; Business model; Smart grid; Clean coal; Renewable energy

Type of activities

Networking; Education; Training; Coaching; Upscaling

Technology Readiness Level
8 - 9
Minimum amount of partners
Total Budget
2.7 Billion euros

Education, Fuels, and International cooperation

Geographic criteria:

The consortium needs to be made up of partners from at least two different countries

Partner criteria

The proposed KIC includes at least one higher education institution and one private company;
- Must gather 3-7 European partners from both the research and industry sectors. At least one company commercialising the product or service must be involved in the consortium since the beginning.

Other criteria

- Have successfully achieved the proof of concept (pilot or type test validation);
- Have an innovative product or service in the late development stage, and aiming at one of the following goals: Decreasing energy cost, increasing security in relation to the resource holders, Increasing operational safety or reliability, reducing green-house gas emissions.