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The European Energy Efficiency Fund

European Energy programme; Energy efficiency; Climate change; Renewable energy; Clean urban transport

Type of activities

Investment aids; Creation of tools; Knowledge exchange

Technology Readiness Level
7 - 9
25 Million euros
Total Budget
265 Million euros


Geographic criteria:

EU member states or Associated countries

Partner criteria

Municipal, local and regional authorities as well as public and private entities acting on behalf of those authorities, such as local energy utilities, Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), district heating combined heat and power (CHP) companies or public transport providers.

Other criteria

- An EEEF investment is generally not possible, if the project receives subsidies from other EU programs (Structural Funds, Cohesion Funds etc.).
- A complementary financing between eeef and above mentioned EU programs is possible if the project can be divided in separate project phases, thereby eeef and other EU programs financing different phases. The principle of ‘which EUR buys what’ is being applied here.
- Investments in the transport sector will also target a 20% reduction of CO2 emissions. A calculation of actual CO2 savings and of primary energy savings needs to be provided.